Rishi Hyanki

Hi, I'm a Melbourne-based developer.

About Me

I've recently graduated from the University of Melbourne, and am looking to pursue a career in software development.

const rh = new Developer({
    firstName: "Rishi",
    lastName: "Hyanki",
    degree: new UniversityOfMelbourne.Degree({
        name: "Bachelor of Science",
        major: "Computing and Software Systems",
    langs: ["js", "ts", "php", "py", "c", "java", "cs", "hs", "bf"],
    locales: ["en_AU", "zh_TW"],
    alias: `${$}\u7687\uF9E4\u5E0C`,
    x: -37.8,
    y: 144.96,

Personal Projects

These are some of the hobbyist projects I've worked on or am working on.


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A tool to convert between phonetic systems for Mandarin Chinese, including pinyin, bopomofo, and Wade-Giles.

Automaton Developer

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React | TypeScript

A tool allowing automata to be edited, simulated, bulk-tested and transformed in the browser.

Zeumic Projects

These are some of the projects I've worked on at my employer Zeumic.

ZWM Zeumic
Work Management

WordPress Plugin

Todo list integrated with WooCommerce, automatically generating tasks from order items.

ZTR Zeumic
Work Timer

WordPress Plugin

Tracks staff times on each task, exporting to QuickBooks for easy accounting.

ZPR Zeumic
Products Database

WordPress Plugin

AJAX interface for editing WooCommerce products, adding advanced features such as templating.

My Account

Android App

Allows Zeumic customers to view and manage their account and orders.

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